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Who we are
BAIN is a small craft brewery located in Rotterdam. We specialize in making beverages that are actually healthy, while tasting exceptionally good.
Since our founding in late 2018 by Dusty Bain, our products can be found at a growing number of cafes throughout the Netherlands.

We use the best organic ingredients, and we want you to benefit from them as much as possible. That’s why other than most companies, we don’t pasteurize our beverages. Our brown medicine grade bottles help protect our fresh products from UV-light. By brewing just enough small batches on a weekly basis, we make sure our product gets to you in the best condition. As fresh as possible. Preserving all the nutrients for you.

We currently brew four kombuchas. BAIN Jasmine, Oolong, Coffee and Ginger Beer Kombucha. But you may also know us from our BAIN Ginger Lemon Shot.
How it started
Dusty had discovered Kombucha during his travels as a chef. But once settled in The Netherlands, he couldn’t find any kombucha to his liking. Eager to create a perfectly balanced flavour, he set out on a year-long mission to understand the complexity of brewing kombucha.
“Can I get 10 liters next week?”
During that time, while consulting on some kitchen work, the owner of the cafe asked him where he got his Kombucha. “I make it at home”, he replied. “Can I get 10 liters next week?”, the owner asked.  This is where it started. Brewing the best possible kombucha he could, from home.

Not long after that while visiting family in South Africa, Dusty and his wife ordered a ginger shot at a cafe. Looking for a way to cut down on coffee, Dusty’s wife figured that a shot like this would be a great way to kick start her day. But once back in the Netherlands, they were disappointed by the poor quality of the available products and their high prices.
“Dude! Can I buy a bottle?”
Once again, Dusty started experimenting. He hand extracted organic lemons, fresh Peruvian ginger and turmeric root, which he blended with agave to create his own shot. It didn't take long before a trainer at the gym tasted some. “Dude! Can I buy a bottle?”, he asked. The BAIN Ginger Lemon Shot was born and became a part of many athletes’ routines.
Dusty still starts every day with a his shot. “I am glad that I am able to share things that are special to me with others”, tells Dusty.
Who is Dusty Bain?
Originally from Durban, South Africa, Dusty is passionate about food, health, cooking and his friends & family. As a trained chef, he worked in five-star restaurants and hotels in South Africa for several years, before he travelled overseas.
For more than 16 years, Dusty worked as a head-chef on private yachts and in villas all around the world. Dusty also owned a boutique cafe in South Africa that was loved by the community for its great food, coffee and atmosphere.

“The reason I studied to become a chef is that I love food and eating. I have been fascinated by food for most of my life. I realised that I have to eat for the rest of my life and if so, I want to eat well. Being able to prepare a good meal is a great life skill to have. I flipping love it – every day.”

Dusty would describe himself as a curious perfectionist with a passion for figuring things out, “no such thing as can’t”. He challenges himself to grow daily and encourages others to do the same. His work as a chef required a lot from him, but was well worth it. “As a chef I have been privileged to work with and for, some of the world’s most inspiring chefs. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to personally work for people who influence and shape our world”, tells Dusty.

During one of his work periods in The Netherlands, he met a young lady who is now his wife. They decided to build their life in Rotterdam.
The Dream
I never set out to start a brewery. I made kombucha at home for myself and my wife. Because we were the ones who were going to drink it, I was determined to make it the best I could.

So often I hear people say that “it’s healthy, that’s why it does not taste good”, or “it tastes good, so it must be good.” For me those are ridiculous statements and far from the truth. Our health is mostly affected by what we eat and drink. Yet so much of what we consume are dead calories. They may taste great but they actually have no benefit to us, other than that brief moment that we enjoy them.

By using the talents that we have been given, I hope to make the world, your world, the community you live in, better. That is what I aspire to accomplish with BAIN.

This is why at BAIN we take the best possible ingredients, and we steward them as best as we can to create something that will actually affect your health in a positive way and that is enjoyable to drink.

For that same reason we use medicine grade bottles. Not only do they protect our fresh products from UV-light, but a good quality bottle also means that we can reuse it. That is why our bottles ain’t trash!

The dream is that we build a community of people that is so invested into making this world a better place, that we will see all our bottles back – and back again.

- Dusty Bain