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“This bottle ain’t trash”
We want to shed some light on our bottle because it ain’t trash! At BAIN Brewing we have sourced the highest quality medicine grade bottles as these protect our products from UV-light. Because of the high quality they can be reused numerous times. What we are aiming to do at BAIN Brewing is to reuse our bottles as many times as we can. This way we avoid creating unnecessary waste. But we need your help! By returning your bottles, you make it possible for us to reuse them.

We're doing our best to create more and better opportunities for you to return your bottles. We're working on a system where you can send them back to us through the post. In the meantime we have two options.
Oogstmarkt Rotterdam
Every first Saturday of the month, we have our own stand at the Oogstmarkt Rotterdam. You can stop by to return your bottles here. On all other Saturdays, our reseller BOERgondisch has a stand on the market to which you can return your bottles.
Return to your reseller
Some of our resellers also collect the bottles. Great examples are Harvest Coffee Roasters in Rotterdam, or Klein the Grocer in Amsterdam. If you are not sure, just ask your reseller.
Thank you!